Vast lands torn asunder by war, the people suffer magic-drinking Spires rise and merciless armies are cast out to devastate the realm. Resistances crumble, empires fall, and what was once good and light in the world falls to the Dark One's plague...The Taint.
Can you stand against the odds
and hope to win?

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Rated Mature = 18+ Only

  • Isolde Branwen
    Played by Caitlin

    Aedan Bludvalder
    Played by Sato

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    - MATURITY! -

    - You must be 18 or older.
    - No arguing with staff.
    - No out-of-character fighting or drama.
    - No pornographic pictures of any kind.
    - Slavery, rape, violence, murder, nudity, sex, gore, and swearing are all allowed in character. There is a potential for all kinds of triggers, and this is your only warning. Please, do not proceed if you can't handle it.

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    - No spam or advertisements.
    - No email addresses.
    - Left-hand box = tags and PMs ONLY!

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    - ACCOUNTS -

    - Register Player Account in ALL CAPS!
    - Register character accounts normally.
    - We do not accept online handles or canon names.
    - No repeat first names. Same last names are for relatives only.

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    - GRAPHICS -

    - Avatars are 160 wide x 260 tall.
    - Real life images for face claims - with the exception of creature or monster characters.
    - Photoshop additions to real pictures are acceptable.
    - No black and white, candid, awards, or paparazzi pictures.

    **- If you can't find a picture, PM Sato and she will happily help find some options for you!
    **- NO pictures in the signatures. All art goes in the Art Section.

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    - You have one month from registration to start posting before accounts are removed.
    - If you're going to be gone, tell us on the Absence Board or PM the Dungeon Mistress.
    - Abandoned characters are forfeit, as are their posts, face claims, plots, points, and items. They will either be placed in the graveyard or adopted out as seen fit by the DM. All characters belong to the site.

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    - The admins have the right to accept or deny any character or any aspect about characters that they believe will not fit in the Warlands canon setting or if you cannot keep up with the characters you already have. Special snowflakes need not apply.
    - Slavery, rape, violence, murder, nudity, sex, gore, and swearing are all allowed in-character. If this is a trigger problem, then chances are, this isn't the right site for you.
    - No pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, or other illegal kinks.
    - Character death may occur only with the character's player or admin's permission.
    - You cannot start making a new character if you still have one in the Works in Progress.
    - You are welcome to start with a post-only character, and add stats later if you like, though please note, they will be treated as a level five or lower until stats are set otherwise.
    - All characters created for Warlands belong to Warlands.

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    - POSTING -

    - Please use spell check and watch your grammar.
    - Write in third person, past tense.
    - Do not change the font size, alignment, or color of your posts.
    - Word Count = 300 minimum. Give your partner something to reply to.
    - No metagaming or godmodding.

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    - See HERE for info on Posting With Stats. STATS ARE OPTIONAL!

    - If this is your first D&D character ever, please stick to base race and base class for teaching ease.
    - You will be given 500 points for free for EACH character! This is can be used at any time. See The Shop for purchases.

    - 85 Ability Points at 1st level (before racial, class, and level adjustments).
    - Freebies upon creation - 1 feat, 1 travel outfit, 1 backpack, 5 days rations.
    - Gold Pieces per level are HERE.
    - All Hit Dice are at Maximum - not rolled (yes, so are your enemies).
    - Every 3rd level is a new feat.
    - Every 4th level is a new ability point.
    - Anything not found in the Players Handbook must be PMed and approved by the Dungeon Mistress (this includes feats, spells, classes, and races).
    - No psionics are allowed. This includes spells, classes, and races.
    - No Stat Twatting! This is when you give your character a 3 so s/he can have a 25 elsewhere. Beginning stats should be between 8 and 18 before any adjustments are made due to race, level, heroic path, etc.
    - Characters without stats (Play-by-Post Only) are assumed to be less than 5th level, unless explicitly approved by the DM.

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    - Rules for NPC ACCOUNTS.

    Any questions, concerns, or comments, please PM the Dungeon Mistress.

    **Codeword - Warlands

    **Note - When posting this codeword to your sheets, you are agreeing that you have read all the available information and are agreeing to abide by the rules set forth by the site owners. The rules are susceptible to change at any time without warning or notice. Contents within the site that are up for debate ultimately fall to the DM's ruling and her final word is law. Failure to comply with the rules will result in one warning, to be followed by removal.
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