Vast lands torn asunder by war, the people suffer magic-drinking Spires rise and merciless armies are cast out to devastate the realm. Resistances crumble, empires fall, and what was once good and light in the world falls to the Dark One's plague...The Taint.
Can you stand against the odds
and hope to win?

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     Map Updates!
     Posted: Jan 29 2016, 10:00 AM

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    I have begun working on updating our maps (since they're nearing 10 years old now!), and I wanted to make sure I had everyone's input that wanted it. They will be based upon 502 AS standings so far as cities, Taint, and so forth. Yes, I will be updating the up-close maps as well - and also including a better measuring system for distance on each of them so travel will be made easier.

    It will probably take a bit of time to get everything set, but while I work on them, please let me know if you want to have anything added such as -

    - New cities
    - River names
    - Mountain ranges
    - Spire locations

    Any and all input would be greatly appreciated! I know as the map stands now, there is a lot to be desired, so I'll do my best to make sure the update is worthy of your play!

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