Vast lands torn asunder by war, the people suffer magic-drinking Spires rise and merciless armies are cast out to devastate the realm. Resistances crumble, empires fall, and what was once good and light in the world falls to the Dark One's plague...The Taint.
Can you stand against the odds
and hope to win?

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  • Isolde Branwen
    Played by Caitlin

    Aedan Bludvalder
    Played by Sato

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    Welcome! I'm the Dungeon Mistress - so please come to me with any questions, concerns, or comments that you might have. As for the site itself, it's a play-by-post forum, as well as a gaming site where you can create characters and interact with others in an original setting by either using the 3.5/d20 system, or simply writing out posts (or both, as some do). You must be 18 or older to play - no exceptions. If we're missing anything or if something is off, please PM me. I hope to make this place a creative home for everyone to enjoy. Thanks.

    user posted image

    - Step 1 - Register your Player Name in ALL CAPS!

    - No online handles. (ex: xXDerpyDogXx123)
    - No canon names (ex: "Gandalf" or "Drizzt") will be accepted.
    - No repeat names.

    user posted image

    - Step 2 - Read the available information - such as the RULES, RACES, SITE INFORMATION, SITE LORE, and locations you wish to play in - Sylvernas, Open Seas, and Kadmus.
    - Reply to the PM you received from Dungeon Mistress with any questions or concerns you might have.
    - Also feel free to join the DISCORD to discuss things as well!

    user posted image

    - Step 3 - Use your Player account to upload your avatar and to fill in the WHO'S WHO?.

    user posted image

    - Step 4 - Copy, fill out, and send in your CHARACTER CONCEPT to Dungeon Mistress for approval.

    - Everything MUST be filled out before sending.
    - This is a good time to troll the WANTED ADS, PM the Dungeon Mistress with any questions, and read up on threads and area information.
    - If you want your character to rule lands, fill in the RULER APPLICATION and PM it to the Dungeon Mistress with your concept as well.

    user posted image

    - Step 5 - Once your concept is approved, register your new account with the Character's First and Last name - properly capitalized and lower-cased - unlike your player name which was all caps.

    user posted image

    - Step 6 - Copy the CHARACTER SHEET TEMPLATE and start a new thread on the WORKS IN PROGRESS board.

    - Do NOT deviate from the sheet template. The coding is set there for a reason. Use other approved sheets on the site for a reference if need be.
    - Make sure to have your Avatar Picture up and that it's been approved and to format size (160 wide x 260 tall).
    - Fill out your character's account information.

    user posted image

    - Step 7 - PM the Dungeon Mistress that you're ready for review once the sheet is fully filled out.
    - Proceed to the SHOP to purchase your levels, races, etc. once you are approved.

    - Know that there may be a couple of changes!
    - She will then set up your accounts, stamp your sheet, and move it to the designated area when it's all done.

    user posted image

    - Step 8 - Fill out and post the codes in the FACE CLAIMS, and update the bottom section of your WHO'S WHO?.

    - If your character is a Ruler, or has a home, shop, etc. please copy the proper LOCATION CODE and post it with your character account in it's new location.

    user posted image

    - Step 9 - To start play, post on the WANTED ADS board and/or PM the Players you would like to game with after reading their characters' sheets and threads. Make sure to let them know they have a PM by going over to the cbox on the left-hand side bar, labeled 'Tag Box'!

    user posted image

    - Step 10 - Start your new thread in the location where the majority of your plot will take place with your character account. Your first post must have the Starting Date IN GAME on the very top. (The current years are 489-502 A.S.).

    - Reply to the KADMUS TIMELINE or the SYLVERNAS TIMELINE using the available code.

    - Make sure to tag their Character in the Tag Box to the left!

    user posted image


    user posted image


    - Keep an eye on the NEWS and the ROUNDTABLE board, as these will directly affect you and your characters - and will be updated frequently.

    - Come join us in the DISCORD too! We'd like to get to know you!

    - Feel free to also follow us on FACEBOOK to earn weekly points and keep up to date on what's happening on the site!

    - If you have your own site, please check with Dungeon Mistress for affiliation banner options, as we always offer our members a static location on the sidebar as a Sister Affiliate!

    Any questions, concerns, and comments should be brought to Dungeon Mistress immediately via PM. Don't be afraid of asking anything, even if you think it's dumb. It's better to know than not.

    - SATO (Admin/DM)
    - CAITLIN (Co-Admin)
    - RAM (Stats Mod)
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