Vast lands torn asunder by war, the people suffer magic-drinking Spires rise and merciless armies are cast out to devastate the realm. Resistances crumble, empires fall, and what was once good and light in the world falls to the Dark One's plague...The Taint.
Can you stand against the odds
and hope to win?

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     Locations to Rule
     Posted: Dec 14 2014, 05:41 PM

    The Almighty Ruler
    Admins Only
    Infernal Hellbeast
    Destroyer of Worlds
    Ruler of All
    Lawfully Chaotic
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    See Ruler Application, and PM the Dungeon Mistress with any questions you may have.

    X = Taken location.

    **Some locations may have strict guidelines to the race of the ruler. They are listed in yellow. Please adhere to these.

    - KADMUS

    Three Types of Rulers

    - Territory Rulers (King / Queen) - Rule a large section of lands that contain a few cities, different races, and landmarks. They are the ultimate word in their territory, and though they govern free races and boarders, they are also in charge of diplomacy with neighboring sovereigns. (Territory Rulers earn 500 points and a token! Note, they are also responsible for writing up the information on the Territory's Capitol, which earns them another 150 points.)

    - City Rulers (Lord /Lady) - Placed in charge of a city's management by the territory ruler, Lords and Ladies are the nobles in charge of safekeeping their city and the lands surrounding them - but they are not the last word in the land. They defer to their Territory ruler (if they have one). (City Rulers earn 250 points and a token!)

    - Clan Leaders (Chief / Chieftess) - The head of a secular race that is often nomadic or without their own lands, these leaders are often allied with the leaders of territories, though sometimes, they can be considered outcasts and rebels. The clan often sees them as a sovereign in their own right, but for sake of semantics, they are still landless leaders. (Clan Leaders earn 150 points and a token!)
     Posted: Feb 10 2015, 04:27 PM

    The Almighty Ruler
    Admins Only
    Infernal Hellbeast
    Destroyer of Worlds
    Ruler of All
    Lawfully Chaotic
    Member Inventory: View


    Sylvernas Map HERE

    ARCESIA (Sitarath House)
    *The true ruler was dethroned thousands of years ago, and though there is a prophecy about his descendant's return, this territory remains divided in chaos.

    - Almog
    x- Arimyth (Teiriel Sitara)
    - Benaires
    x- Ehless (Ehlessian Dragon Council)
    x- Ethorda (Halcyon Argyris / Redokai Dahakis)
    - Greymist
    - Highreach (Aerilian Elf only)
    - Iceloch
    - Malkadia (Full-blooded Malkadian only)
    - Meralisth (Full-blooded dragon only)
    - Norgaard (Dwarven ruler only)
    x- Riverdale (Aryannath Veridian)
    x- Shadow Point (Razyel Darkblade)
    - Silverpointe (Aerilian Elf only)
    - Winterborrow (Aerilian Elf only)
    - Woodpine Cliff

    user posted image

    ATHAL (Annaldra Carawood)
    **All cities in Athal are ruled by full-blooded Athalian Elves unless otherwise given permission by Admins.

    x- Athalasa (Annaldra Carawood's eldest daughter)
    x- Blue Grove (Edain Truestrike)
    x- Corlake (Opheelia Asteracae)
    - Darkash
    - Fair Grove
    - Faydeer
    - Highbush
    x- Illyria (Capitol - Annaldra Carawood)
    x- Infernal's Woods
    - Lightpond
    - Loremarch
    - Ivycrest
    - Redice
    - Riverglade
    - Saphridge
    x- Silverwood (Melaena Ryldwyn)
    - Stardale
    - Starwyn
    - Violetcrest
    - Whitehill
    - Woodvale

    user posted image

    AVERYN (King Amalthia)
    **Rulers in Averyn must be of Averynese Fey blood.

    - Asone
    x- Astara (Capitol)
    - Coldvale
    - Crystal Isle
    x- Enderlin (Lansylt di Glace)
    - Grayhaven
    - Lochnivar
    - Silvilan
    - Stoneshore
    - Syriel
    - Vandrach
    - Verdtlan
    - Wintersail

    user posted image

    ERAHRAN (No ruler)
    *This territory has such a scarce, dispursed population with nomads and few coastal cities, so there is no one true ruler. Many would argue the dragon of Orinoco or Jade should claim the position.

    - Cleardell
    - Fairbank
    x- Greenveldt (Jadiera Kaelmoss)
    - Hathia
    - Jerrikan
    - Kaveri
    - Kayseri
    - Lysaka
    - Indova (Ehlessian dragon only)
    - Redfork
    - Whitebank
    - Wildfort
    - Wyndmere

    user posted image

    FREELANDS (No central ruler)

    x- Alandor (Cassiel Razakel)
    x- Arbordale (Carter di Arden)
    - Baedys
    x- Ethica (Ademus Kazurith)
    - Fyriss
    x- Kyar (Syn'Kaela Razakel)
    - Southcliff
    - Whitemore

    user posted image

    HAVENLAND (Enemy Occupation till Maisa 502 / Queen Eliana Cor'Elestris)

    x--- Aevalla (Ferasala Aerandor)
    x--- Bel Aman'dur (Enemy Occupied / Queen Eliana)
    x- Berigora (Tavaris Falco)
    - Crystalbeach
    - Drava
    - Eastbend
    - Estaea
    x- Fairview (Lunara di Vaeriel)
    - Goldbay
    - Goldpointe
    - Graafton
    - Greenpointe
    - Kensington
    - Laerida
    - Lilygrove
    - Linborough
    - Norbank
    - Northbeach
    - Palmbeach
    - Peregrinus (Griffon Rider house Only)
    - Redbeach
    - Roseglen
    - Southbeach
    - Southcliff
    - Straia
    x- Theiss (Aedryndor Celeskold)
    - Virginshore
    - Whitemoor

    user posted image

    LITHABUL (Rikard Eloncre (adoptable))

    - Aertolia
    x- [url=[Aquatrona[/url]
    x-Firefall (Blayzia Goldflame)
    - Goldsands Oasis
    x- Ishra (Jennika Kerreth)
    - Kanesh
    - Levant
    x--- Phastia (Capitol)
    - Saradaia
    - Sembel Oasis
    - Suncrest
    - Tarsus Oasis
    - Telavaia

    user posted image

    NYS (Pendragon House)

    - Arctica
    - Azurelle
    - Deepshade (Quil'vess Pendragon)
    x- Feythorn (Noveena Belmont)
    - Grayreach
    - Havenblue
    - Indigo Grove
    x--- Lorehollow (Capitol - Ruled by Melysandra Pendragon)
    - Rathspray
    - Sapryka
    x- Starden (Savyra Pendragon)
    - Stellaris
    - Stoneshore
    - Vellette

    user posted image

    ORISCE (Ruled by Sabriel Eventide)

    - Foxridge
    x- Graystad (Stonewall House)
    x- Mystvale (Brynn di Winters)
    x--- Oriscina (Capitol - Sabriel Eventide)
    - Shaderidge
    - Thistledown
    - Vy'Thal
    - Wolfsberg
     Posted: Feb 10 2015, 04:30 PM

    The Almighty Ruler
    Admins Only
    Infernal Hellbeast
    Destroyer of Worlds
    Ruler of All
    Lawfully Chaotic
    Member Inventory: View


    Kadmus Map HERE

    ATRASIA (Open)

    - Ahcar
    - Ansu
    - Asatori
    - Damaskos
    - Dinea
    - Ibyrias
    - Inistell
    - Javan
    - Kalimdor
    - Kashel
    - Kraad
    - Lynzu
    - Maiping
    - Okurano
    - Orlas
    - Psoron
    - Raliad
    - Rasheekas
    - Saroya
    - Sungye
    - Tharos
    - Taijian
    - Tiangi
    --- Xanyi (Capitol)
    - Wantae

    user posted image

    BERMINA (Jazir Kamael)

    x--- Akhetamen (Capitol)
    - Eizen
    - Gamaril
    x- Gorland (Sidrael Kamael)
    - Granevor
    - Iberias
    - Iphrene
    x- Itharis (Kelsyna Ravenscar)
    - Kalimdor
    - Kashel
    - Luccia
    - Pelluria
    x- Pontavich (Halvar Ravenscar)
    - Sibysaia
    x- Tol Andres (Theon Kamael)

    user posted image

    DARKLANDS (The Dark Empress)

    x- Austrie (Blaine Larland)
    - Blaed'kerst (Velian Only)
    x- Darkhollow (Nyka Valdys)
    - Gresnan
    x- Harmalk (Baldr Thralsyth)
    - Idrandor (Capitol)
    - Ironforge (Dwarf ruler only)
    x- Lan (Isabel Darine)
    x- Malacur (Kalder Landale)
    - Mhaldale
    x- Niob (Larland House)
    - Nystere
    - Oloth (Velian ruler only)
    - Undercity (Sargothian ruler only)
    - Vandryss
    - Vashiri

    user posted image

    HEMBRIA (Decimvirate till Maisa 502 / now Roderick Kramar)
    **Before 502 AS, Hembrian rulers were all human male only.

    X- Aldcliff (Capitol)(Roderick Kramar)
    - Bluannia
    x- Breitenwald (Adolphe Rossi before 502 AS / Maxwell Salvatore after 502 AS)
    - Caikosa
    x- Eriton
    - Fallhill
    x- Highview (Erik Severin)
    x- Hollowston (Jerome Beckett before 501 AS)
    - Malurica
    - Plainview
    x- Stronghill
    - Terksana

    user posted image

    INDARIA (Aurelia Savaitos)

    x- Andra (Drakaera Veilfyre)
    - Aravay
    - [url=]Arcavana
    - Atalon
    x- Casimir (Damian Kane)
    - Chaera
    - Cyrene
    x- Espera (Aurelia Savaitos)
    - Fayer
    - Inistell
    - Iron Medow
    - Jassan
    - Malthis

    user posted image

    LYSERIA (Wynessa Sylvariel)

    - Aelrys
    - Ashfordge
    - Calayda
    x- Coralova (Jynx Meridian)
    - Edondara
    - Elinvale
    - Evekyla
    - Eleusis
    - Guilm (Dwarf ruler only)
    - Illdra
    - Lyalyr
    - Millcreek
    - Raharis
    x- Rathis (Cassara di Avalloch)
    - Reedpoint
    - Rockfort (Dwarf ruler only)
    - Royaloak
    x- Ruelaur (Talos Stormreaver)
    - Salias
    x- Sricen (Capitol)
    - Valleyoak
    - Veilwall (Dwarf ruler only)
    - Wexford
    - Wicklow
    - Woodport
    - Xanarica

    user posted image

    SILMERIA (Jhaeros Valandil)

    - Coldwood
    - Ethadon
    - Everrock
    x--Icehail (Capitol)
    - Light's Hope
    - Lyrria
    - Silverpine
    - Sinima
    x- Snowfell (Arthen'dain Brensati)
    - Stormwind
    x- Sylvenstone (Cyndera Shadowrath)
    - Tienaen
    - Winterhaven

    user posted image

    UND'LAERIA (Ardherin Goldwood)

    - Actarca
    - Ashleaf
    x- Astaros (Ravenna Draekorath)
    x- Blackwood (Ferrant di Solnath)
    - Brelmor
    x- Daenor (Catharyna Ashwood)
    - Esorille/Yellow Marshes
    - Etharana
    - Everlook
    - Gresnan
    x--- Neverglade (Capitol)
    - Orgrimmar (Orc Ruler)

    user posted image

    VIHERA (Saerythra Starhand)

    - Antilios
    - Brylven
    x- Cloudvale (Maiandrath Goldwing)
    - Davnar Port
    x- Delver's Dale (Kendrick Theron)
    x- Drellden (Celyndrel Ravenscar)
    - Elfheim (Enemy occupied)
    x- Eriton (Jack Thorn)
    x- Fallhaven (Lilianna Caelestis)
    - Glasslake
    - Greenmark
    - Hauberk
    x- Mandos (Hadley Bennett)
    x--Penthania (Capitol)
    - Portanas
    x- [url=]Rosepoint (Catherine Morgan)
    - Saratur
    - Shenth
    x- Skyern (Phaedra di Cartier)
    - Vaeryan
    x- Windrell (Kheon Ravenscar)
     Posted: Mar 18 2017, 07:04 PM

    The Almighty Ruler
    Admins Only
    Infernal Hellbeast
    Destroyer of Worlds
    Ruler of All
    Lawfully Chaotic
    Member Inventory: View


    ARUM (Ophion Adrastus)

    - Bestmere
    - Crimmor
    - Donmoor
    x--- Raksha (Capitol)
    - Rothsay
    - Stravos
    - Vladyk

    user posted image

    MARUL (Ruled by Kamadi Ebonfang)
    **All cities are ruled by Marulians only.

    - Adornos
    x-- Anam'kara (Capitol)
    - Bandara
    - Havanasa
    - Majadara
    - Portanas
    - Wyndaia

    user posted image

    SELUVIA (Seluvian ruler only)

    - Mossmeet
    - Nuria

    user posted image

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