Vast lands torn asunder by war, the people suffer magic-drinking Spires rise and merciless armies are cast out to devastate the realm. Resistances crumble, empires fall, and what was once good and light in the world falls to the Dark One's plague...The Taint.
Can you stand against the odds
and hope to win?

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  • Isolde Branwen
    Played by Caitlin

    Aedan Bludvalder
    Played by Sato

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     Abakor's Lair
     Posted: May 1 2016, 02:19 PM

    Beast in the Deep
    Admins Only
    Fighter / Sorcerer
    Arcesia, Sylvernas
    Chaotic Evil
    Admin NPC
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    Abakor's Lair


    House Rules

    You're not a guest. You're a snack.


    A massive underground network of deadly caverns and narrow caves. There's a strange slime growing along the cold, dark walls, and a ichorous, swamp-like goo that can be found closer to Abakor's central cave. His primary cavern is covered in knee-deep sludge - though there are said to be holes that are far deeper. Razor-sharp stalactites cover the ceiling where Abakor can sometimes be found lurking.

    additional information

    No one but Abakor lives down there, though he does have the occasional idiot thief pay him a visit from time to time. There are plenty of creatures lurking around down there, however, and they're always hungry. Once a dragon hoard, it's now home to the most terrifying monstrosity in Sylvernas.

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