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     The Golden Palace, (Syn'kaela's Castle)
    Syn'kaela Razakel
     Posted: Sep 27 2016, 10:55 AM

    Lady of Kyar
    Mixed Blooded
    Assassin, Priestess, Sorceress
    Kyar and Riverdale
    Chaotic Good
    Level 21+
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    The Golden Palace

    ruled by Syn'kaela Razakel (Sato)

    Royal Decrees

    words go here


    Kyar, Freelands


    It is called "Arthuen'Vandil" - "The Golden Palace", in Athalian - due to the color the stone turns in the light of the sun. In the moonlight, it's a pale silver with a shimmer of gold. Veins of actual gold course through the stonework - where magics were easily set in. Crowned with dark slate-teal ceramic tiles upon the circular parapets, this luxurious castle is more than just a romantic location. Reinforced with steel rebar, magical runes, and it's own personal guard, this lovely castle remains untouched.

    With 30 bedrooms - including the master bedroom - there are 40 other rooms in this location. There is a grand hall, meeting rooms, ballroom, gaming room, banquet hall, library, magical items work shop, and war room. The healing room is next to a small temple of Casna, where a priestess is always on duty. There is a Well within these confines where three knights are always on guard. A tunnel in the basement leads to an underground hot springs that has healing properties.

    There is a surrounding moat that is protected by an unseen force - a magical creature that no one has ever seen. Beyond the moat are lovely gardens, fruit groves, mountain paths, and the hot springs. Beyond the moat is mostly fruit groves, vineyards, and forest - including cedar, spruce, cyprus, and aspen trees. There's a small, self-sustaining farm that grows a variety of berries, produce, and herbs.


    50+ servants, caretakers, gardeners, chefs, stablehands, and maids keep the castle at its most beautiful at any given time. They are workers from Kyar that commute during any of the four available times during the day and night. During festivals, Kaela will hire on as many as a dozen more to help. She only ever hires locally, only those with experience and are in need of the job. They are mostly humans, dwarves, and elves, but she won't discriminate against others.

    A small army hired from Kyar take turns defending the castle for at least 100 gp a week - with bonuses on the holidays. Their loyalty is unmatched, however, as Kaela's mother was once their beloved ruler. They stay on watch for 8 hour shifts each, before dining in the Keep, and returning home.

    additional information

    "Arthuen'Vandil" has only ever had one owner - Syn'kaela. During her time as a student in Ethica, Kaela drew the designs for the perfect house - one that didn't necessarily need to be heated by wood - but used magic and the heat of the sun to warm it. She also studied dungeoneering, made friends with some dwarven wizards, and hired them out to do the contracting. Elves were hired to do the decorating, and she even had a draconian aid her in the enchantment of the wood, stone, and metals used.

    Only a handful of people are allowed to visit the castle while Kaela is away - her family, mostly. Otherwise, people are turned away for the protection of the keep itself. A rarer few know of the secret passages, exotic magical herbs growing just outside the walls, and the enchanted artifacts this wondrous palace holds in its possession.

    additional pictures

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