Vast lands torn asunder by war, the people suffer magic-drinking Spires rise and merciless armies are cast out to devastate the realm. Resistances crumble, empires fall, and what was once good and light in the world falls to the Dark One's plague...The Taint.
Can you stand against the odds
and hope to win?

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     Erahran Information, (Open For Rule)
     Posted: Jun 28 2017, 03:25 PM

    The Almighty Ruler
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    Infernal Hellbeast
    Destroyer of Worlds
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    Lawfully Chaotic
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    500,000 (Breakdown by Race - 70% Humans, 10% Tamarilian Elves, 20% Orcs, Goblins, and Others)


    Tin, iron ore, coal, diamonds, gemstones, gold, natural gas, nickel; coffee, sisal, tea, cotton, cashew nuts, tobacco, cloves, corn, wheat, cassava, tapioca, bananas, fruits, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats, fish, chickens; sugar, beer, cigarettes; salt; shoes, leather and silk apparel, fertilizer


    (1,600,300 sq km) Erahran varies from tropical beach along the southern coast to temperate in highlands in the west and mountains to the east and north. Most of the Erahran is plainlands, grasslands, and plateaus. There is flooding during the spring rains as the river brings down great gushes of snow melt from the mountains. There is also droughts during the late summer months - which can result in deadly wildfires. The northern reaches will see snow, though to the south there is rarely any seen.

    The southern coastline is rocky along the east and west, but it smooths out drastically to sandy beaches in the center. The Hathian plains surround Orinoco Lake and stretch towards the Lysaka Mountains. North of that, the Veldtlands reach up to the Arcesian and Athalian Mountains. The Serpent River brings waters from Arcesia and forks thrice at Orinoco Lake - Wyndmere River, Red River, and Saradaia River.

    1. - Indova (Capitol) - Open Ruler - A large city built upon Orinoco Lake. Surrounded on all sides by water, and then again by the vast Haunted Plains, Indova is a remarkably well established city. Indov'lach was the original village built upon a small island, consisting of no more than 500 people. The city of Indova now spans over the eight surrounding isles once called the Huit'ilas Trankilt, or Eight Isles of Tranquility, and has more than 50,000 people inhabiting it. The city was constructed of rocks from the lake floor, red mud, and grass grown along the shores. The bridge is a marvelous construction that is made to be burned in sections, destroying any chance invaders have of reaching the city. Indova has a very remarkable navy, for how small it is.
    2. - Cleardell - Open Ruler - The bridge from Cleardell to Indova is long and easily dissembled to keep the capitol city safe. It's made of floating parts that can double as boats to aid the civilians across in times of war.
    3. - Ethica - Ruled by Ademus Kazurith - While no longer officially part of Erahran, it does act as a trade station for magical items. It's dangerous shores protected by dragons, fog ,and magics make it impossible to get through to the island-city without permission.
    4. - Greenveldt - Ruled by Jadiera Kaelmoss - It's a large settlement village and a beacon of trade for the Tamarilian elves, Atrasians, and more.
    5. - Kaseri - Open Ruler - A massive port city.
    6. - Lysaka - Open Ruler - The twin mountains house the second largest city in Erahran, Lysaka. A trading city, it's a gateway between Marul and Lithabul to Athal.
    7. - Wyndmere - Open Ruler -The third largest city in Erahran, it is also a massive trading port between Arcesia, Athal, and Marul, as well as Ethica.


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    Allies / Enemies

    Orcs, hisseth, and goblins, have made enemies of everyone in Erahran, but recently, the Dark Army has begun to encroach upon the lands.


    Light cotton, linen, silk, and leather are predominent in Erahran - mostly in natural colors: tan, brown, green, blue, yellow, and white.


    Common (Sylverna), Elven (Athalian, Tamirilian), Orcish, Trader's Tongue


    Aolia, Creyos, Fenris, and Jaspeth are most dominant.


    A green flag with a single blue circle in the center with a small white star surrounded by two sheaves of gold wheat.

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