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     Marul Information, Ruled by Kamadi Ebonfang
    Kamadi Ebonfang
     Posted: Jan 10 2015, 07:06 PM

    King of Marul
    Adoptable NPC
    Marulian Human
    Pirate Prince
    Marul, Kadmus
    Chaotic Good
    Adoptable NPC
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    Take what you can, give nothing back
    Ruled by Kamadi Ebonfang - (Marulian human - Pirate prince - Adoptable)

    CAPITOL CITY = Anam'kara
    POPULATION = 800.000 (Breakdown by Race - 70% Humans, 10% Elves, 10% Dwarven, 10% Other)

    COMMERCE - Sugar cane, rum, sugar, spices, coffee, iron, wood, weapons, rice, tobacco, cocoa, wine and several types of oils can be found on Marul... mostly gotten through piracy, of course. Fishing is also prominent, as is blackpowder and fireworks.

    CLIMATE / GEOGRAPHY - There are essentially two seasons on Marul: summer and winter. Summer is dry and hot season, where the climate rarely changes. Winter, on the other hand, often sees climate changes that can go from light, cold rains, to dangerous tropical storms. Snow is unseen on Marul, except on the south, where though uncommon, its not unheard of.

    Marul is located north of Vihera, and is completely surrounded by sea. Great deal of the land is covered in fertile volcanic land, where vegetation is abundant. The coasts are mostly jungles with a great deal of fauna and flora. Northeast, there is the Krakadaia Desert, completely made up with ash. Marul's most notable landmark are the five great active volcanoes the Five Brothers, which stand as a testament of the might of the land, to the point where the rulers are named after them.

    - Anam'kara (Capitol) - Made with the recycled carcasses of unused ships, Anam'kara is Marul's capitol. It has the greatest population, and is one of the biggest trading hubs on the region.

    - Bandara - A fishing city, where the taverns are the best attraction. It is often used as a port for resting and recruiting sailors. Do try the fried fish!

    - Majadara - A small city used to travel from Kadmus to Sylvernas, and vice-versa.

    - Krakadaia Islands - A series of small islands at the east, mostly inhabited by elementals and other monsters. Only adventurers travel there, mostly thanks the the rumors of hidden treasures.

    HISTORY - One important part to remember of Marul's history is the awakening of the Living Volcano: west of Marul, an apparently inactive volcano came to life, revealed to be a living, sentient earth elemental. Its destruction caused an explosion so big, it was heard in the Darklands, it destroyed almost completely the west of Marul (forming the Krakatoa islands), and creating the Krakatoa ash desert. Since then, not only Marulians, but almost anybody is wary of the remaining five volcanos, and fear the fact that they could come to live at any moment.


    - Alignments - Any Chaotic

    - Allies / Enemies - Vihera, Seluvia, and Erahran are among Marul's biggest allies, and are some of the few places whom they are willing to trade instead of steal from. Any one allied with the Dark Army or Hembria is Marul's enemy.

    - Clothing / Items - Leathers, wools and cottons are the norm in Marul, though the nobility often wear silks. Steel is almost unseen, as anybody that falls overboard doesn't want 40 pounds of metal weighting them down. Anything light and practical is used, though rings, earrings, amulets and fetishes are commonly used, especially on the elder. Aside from gold and jewels, many will decorate themselves with vibrant silk scarves, pearls, and shiny shells.

    - Holidays - Marulians celebrate an animal sacrifice to Shellona every week, to ensure safety at the sea and good fishing.

    - Languages - Common (Kadmian), Common (Sylverna), Elven (Seluvian), Orcish, Slave's Cant, and Trader's Tongue.

    - Politics - They are an exceptionally well-organized society with their greatest warriors being their leaders. Elders are seen as advisers but little more, and even their women are grand fighters. The rulers are the Five Brothers - one elected figurehead from each of the five Royal Clans - and their elected king is Captain Kamadi Ebonfang.

    - Religions - Many follow Fatunas and Shellona, though there has been a great insurgence of Mathai, Phastias, and Fenris as of late.

    - Banner / Flag - The banners and flags change from vessel to vessel, from place to place, but keeping up with the tradition, mostly are variations of the original and "official" flag: a white skull and crossbones on a black field. Each of the five Royal Clans have their own banner - though they will often rally behind whichever ruler is king or queen. Currently, it is Kamadi Ebonfang's golden lion against a sea of blue.

    user posted image
    Kamadi Ebonfang
     Posted: Feb 14 2015, 04:58 PM

    King of Marul
    Adoptable NPC
    Marulian Human
    Pirate Prince
    Marul, Kadmus
    Chaotic Good
    Adoptable NPC
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    Ruler - Kamadi Ebonfang (Human, Pirate - Agusto)
    Consort - OPEN (Race, Class - Player)
    Steward - OPEN (Race, Class - Player)
    Master of the Guard - OPEN (Race, Class - Player)
    Court Healer - OPEN (Race, Class - Player)
    Head of Mages - OPEN (Race, Class - Player)

    Court Members

    Other Denizens (This includes guards, slaves, ambassadors, etc.)
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