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     A Grace Stole, (Lanfen / Qiuyue)
    Qiuyue Soong Shandian
     Posted: Mar 29 2017, 11:34 AM

    Atrasian Human
    Divine Oracle, Religious Scholar
    Atrasia, Kadmus
    Neutral Good
    Adoptable NPC
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    (Timeline Date: Octava, 6th, 500 A.S.)

    In the dim autumn evening light, the crowded streets of Ansu were in dissonant array. Admittedly though, to characterize Ansu’s streets as such, or more specifically her inhabitants, was rather peculiar. Alas, by no means did Qiuyue’s initial impression of Ansu imply the city operated in a state of war and havoc; rather, its social classes and differing beliefs strongly varied. They varied to such an extent Qiuyue could immediately see the visual contradictions! In a way, the visual contradictions truly meant the Dark Army, and thus its soldiers, occupied Atrasia. And the daily ebb and flow of Ansu’s people in the river city’s upper market district was the true testament to the scholar’s impression.

    As it was, it was in the brilliantly colored river of fine silk and adornments Qiuyue traversed. Slowly but surely, the young Atrasian woman carefully maneuvered herself through the dispersing crowds, fully intent on returning to a nearby gourmet public house to dine for the evening – The Scarlet Koi. Initially visited earlier in the day, the establishment’s cuisine was finer than most in the river city. It commonly catered to the middle class, its owner and his hired workers turning their noses away from anyone who did not have an abundance of silver pieces to rub together.

    Although a rare occasion, a noble’s next of kin and his small entourage of guards were already present on the second floor of the establishment. Considered entirely off limits to the lesser fortunate, when Qiuyue herself entered the spacious restaurant, she was quickly ushered and hustled to a room on the far right side of the first floor. For an instant, sharp words sparked inside of her mind, but she held her tongue. Mildly indignant to the entire affair, the slave who led her to her seat was murmuring an apology profusely. Qiuyue accepted the apology without a word and simply seated herself upon the kneeling pillow before the low table, smoothing some of the fabric of her grey and pink embroidered kimono in the process.

    The slave, dressed in simple uniform, left without another word and Qiuyue’s prominent frown softened. It was extremely difficult for her to see someone enslaved to another. Well-trained in stoicism, she was more than content to await the arrival of a recent acquaintance and not satiate her moderate hunger pangs just yet.
    Lanfen Azuresky
     Posted: Mar 30 2017, 04:30 PM

    ½ Tamirillian Elf, ½ Atrasian Human
    Rogue / Con Artist, Treasure Hunter, Toxicologist
    Atrasia, Kadmus
    Chaotic good
    Post-Only Character
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    The silk fabric was pulled and tied around her petite frame. The sky blue colour made her snow white skin pop out more along with her raven black hair. Everything blended yet independent altogether that it matched together so well. Hair made, make-up done, jewelry in place that matched her outfit. Lanfen needed to dress well for the meeting with one of her newly found acquaintance. Someone who was on the same side as her and they may be able to work together well.

    Riding a cart through the streets of Ansu, she watched the images passed her by. Day by day, Atrasia was weakening little by little. Though there were soldiers of the Dark Army present, there were people like her in secret that were trying to over throw them still. As it was, all secret, they trained themselves to hide within the shadows and hopefully – though slowly – they would take their city back from the Dark Army.

    Until then, Lanfen continued to do her own small part until she met someone of similar morality and values. The cart halted in front of the fine establishment and in she went. The slave guided her to the room and it appeared Qiuyue was early. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” A soft light voice left her lips and gave the woman a gentle smile. Trained in the arts of seduction thanks to her up-bringing, she seated herself across from the lady.

    Smoothing out her own dress and pulled upon it gently to rise it a little higher up her arms yet still keeping her shoulders bare. Beautiful and nearly perfect like a doll, Lanfen kept her appearance as top notch as possible. Never knew who watched her and always acting regardless of who she was in frot of. “Have you ordered yet? I hear today’s chef special is quite delicious. Fresh seafood I heard.” Gently she reached out for a cup of tea but at the same time dropped a small paper note for Qiuyue to read. Pouring the tea for the both of them in the utmost elegant manner.
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