Vast lands torn asunder by war, the people suffer magic-drinking Spires rise and merciless armies are cast out to devastate the realm. Resistances crumble, empires fall, and what was once good and light in the world falls to the Dark One's plague...The Taint.
Can you stand against the odds
and hope to win?

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     Bermina Information, Ruled by Jazir Kamael
    Jazir Kamael
     Posted: Mar 8 2017, 03:20 PM

    Knight King of Bermina
    Admins Only
    Idrandornish Human / Infernal Construct
    Knight King / Warrior
    Akhetamen, Bermina
    Lawful Evil
    Admin NPC
    Member Inventory: View


    ruled by Jazir Kamael (NPC)


    Masters of horse and men.


    POPULATION = 2,900,200 (Breakdown by Race - 70% Humans, 10% Orcs, 10% Others (Including dwarves, elves, dragons, and mostly monsters)


    An extremely poor territory, they face poverty on an epic scale. They have small reserves of iron, ore, and copper, very little food which includes chicken, pork, sheep, and fish. They also produce oil, cotton, nuts, sugar, wheat, fruits and berries, potatoes, and soap. They're also the lead supplier of slavery in Kadmus. The nobles, of course, are exceedingly wealthy, and the warlords are close seconds.


    Located between Vihera and Atrasia in the middle eastern section of Kadmus, Bermina is wrought with peril. From their bands of orcs, to the packs of ruthless creatures, to the devastating Dark Ones running amok the wilds, there's little else to fear - but the all-consuming fog. Like a moving black hole, the thick gray fog that moves listlessly along the wilds consumes anything living in its path. There is no direct sunlight in Bermina - only what can manage to filter through the roiling black clouds.

    Cold near the mountains, it's warmer climes further north along the ocean. The terrain is primarily plains, hills, and valleys - though the surrounding mountains and highlands give the whole of the territory more shape, as well as hazards such as avalanches, rockfall, and mudslides. The Tol Andres mountains to the east and the Windscar mountains to the west create something of a bowl for the very worst of storms to gather. The middle is cut by a raging river that flows south to north, to empty out along their jagged sea line. The shores are ever devoured by high winds and crashing tides. Marulian and Seluvian pirates are a great threat in the sea.

    Creatures of all kinds of unknown origins litter the landscape - foraging for food by means of burrowing, camouflaging, and even soaring high in the gray clouds that seem to cover most of the lands regardless of the time of year. Horse troops and massive armies of orcs belonging to the Dark Empress can also be found wandering the wastes in search of straggling rebel tribes. Tamirilian elves riding swift, painted horses ride through the wilds, fighting off their enemies with ambush and run tactics.

    1. - Akhetamen (Capitol) - Ruled by Jazir Kamael - This lake city is heavily protected not only by the vast and powerful army that resides there, but also by the terrifying Knight King and his host of Legates.
    2. - Granevor - Ruler Open - and description sentence.
    3. - Pontavich - Ruled by Halvar Ravenscar - and description sentence.
    4. - Tol Andres - Ruled by OPEN - A great double-mountain stronghold.
    5. - Windrell - Ruled by the Ravenscar House - This mountain city is protected by three layers of thick, stone walls and a well-trained army. They have recently (501 AS) turned on Jazir, broken from Bermina, and given their allegiance to Vihera.


    Once ruled by a Tamirilian King, he was betrayed by his own Master of the Guard - Jazir Kamael - for the hand of his wife. The Queen took her life rather than submit, and Jazir was left to rule his newly stolen land alone. When the Dark One fell, Jazir took up arms under the Empress, becoming her first Knight King, and reigned with an iron fist. Travel was banned, books were for the aristocracy and higher military personnel only, and any whisper of uprising was quelled with blood and fire.




    Allies / Enemies

    Bermina's alliance is with the Darklands, though they have aid in Atrasia as well. Their greatest opposition lies with Vihera, a few rebels in Indaria, and their own resistance of Tamirilian horse riders and insurgent spies.


    The majority of clothing worn in Bermina comes from animals - leather, wool, and fur being predominant. There are some who also wear linen and cotton, but the finer cloth made of silk and satin are reserved for nobility and chieftains.


    The Darkest Night - Decem 31st.


    Common (Kadmian), Elven (Tamirilian), Orcish, Slave's Cant, Trader's Tongue


    Dark One


    The Berminian flag is a great, blood-red banner with a bucking black horse and crossed swords.

    Other Pictures

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